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The Remote Resort – Fiji Islands

GPS:  16°43’02.8″S 179°53’46.1″E

Travelers:  Stuart, Malia & Kainoa

Hours of travel from Nadi Airport:  3 1/2




Chasing that feeling

Have you ever just gone for a long drive, simply to take a route you have never taken before?  It could just be a 5-minute detour on the way home from work.  A road that goes up a windy hill to a dead end street with a view you cant forget!  We don’t always have the time to make this happen.  However, when we do go off the beaten track we cement the beautiful discoveries in our memory forever.  It’s like the feeling mountain climbers get as endorphins overtake them as they reach a summit.  This is why we travel.  We desire that feeling to recharge us before we go back to our daily routine.


Getting to The Remote Resort

Like mountain climbing, traveling to a remote destination has its difficulties and its perks.  The preparation, anticipation, the fatigue of the actual journey, all build up to the moment of arrival.  Our route to The Remote Resort in Northeast Fiji saw us traveling with our 14-month-old son by plane, two different taxis through lush jungle roads, and lastly a twin-hulled motorboat in beautiful Buca bay.

While our smiling Captain guided us effortlessly across tight reef passages, It began to feel like I was floating.  Endorphins filled my mind and body as the euphoria of arrival took over.  I was truly living a beautiful lucid dream and I watched nearly numb with joy as Malia held our son.  Baby Noa gazed mesmerized at the perpetual explosion of whitewater that bounced across the ocean’s glassy surface.  Seeing the property come into view and the staff all on the pier singing only compounded what we were feeling.  We’d only just arrived and it was already unforgettable.


The Remote Resort: Carved out of the jungle

It may sound like I am exaggerating when I say it, but the Remote Resort was carved out of a hardwood jungle.  That, however, is exactly what Remote Resort owner, Dan Dimmock and his team accomplished!  The topography of the property is only at sea level for about 15 meters before it begins a steep incline into a hardwood forest.  The king of all the trees of Dan’s jungle is in the Teak family of hardwoods, known by locals as “Vesi.”

Vesi wood was traditionally used precontact in making voyaging canoes and war clubs and the Remote resort property is covered in it!  Dan brought in the manpower and heavy-duty equipment to mill the iconic red timber.  His team completed 8 villas, The Restaurant, office, and bar as well as his own home out of this blade-dulling timber.  Our Room was called “Villa Vesi” and featured one of these massive trees spared from milling that sprawled out from the stairs of the room.   Truly a huge engineering feat for such a small team which took them 3 1/2 years to complete.

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The Remote Resort is the perfect spot for the restless adventurer or the homebody bookworm.  The Comfy day bed overlooking an idyllic island scape did everything it could to keep us put!  However, the morning activity briefings at the restaurant made it feel like we were at the Disneyland of adventure travel.

Father Son travel pics

Baby beach Travel

Even though the location is off the beaten track, the Remote resort is close to a hand full of world-class activities.  Divers dream of visiting rainbow reef and it is a quick 10-minute boat ride from the resort jetty and is home to some of the south pacific greatest dive sites.  Looking at a map there is no place closer to Rainbow reef than the Remote resort.  Even the snorkeling right off Remote resort jetty has a Giant clam sanctuary!

Snorkeling Fiji's Rainbow Reef

What made this trip so memorable was the ability to leave baby Noa in the loving hands “Mela,” one of the resort babysitters.  The small break from baby helped us remember what it was like to do fun things together just as a couple.  We couldn’t have felt more confident that Noa was well looked after.

Nanny Service at the Remote Resort Fiji

Another unique adventure at the Remote Resort was diving with the Mantas of Rabi island.  The boat ride alone was worth the experience of zipping by pearl farms in the sheltered bay of Kioa Island.   Though we were told it was still early season for Mantas, we were pleasantly surprised to see 4 of the beautiful creatures.  Noa and I watched from the top deck and were lucky to spot a manta launch out of the water.  It was one of those special bucket list items for me to witness, and even more special with our son.

Taveuni Day Trips

A huge bonus to staying at the Remote resort in Fiji is that it’s just a quick boat ride to Taveuni, the Garden Isle of Fiji.  With spots like Bouma Falls and the Lavena beach walk, Taveuni is easily one of our favorite adventure locations in Fiji.  These short hikes take you to some of the worlds most beautiful waterfalls along well-maintained trails.

Rainy Day Adventures in Fiji

It rains almost every day in Taveuni which makes it a great place to day trip but not to spend your entire vacation.  Speaking with Dan the owner, he said that the Remote Resort sits in one of the driest parts of the region.  This gives you the best chance for sunshine while still having access to the waterfalls and jungles of Taveuni.


The Remote Resort is unique in that you can get there from Nadi via three different local airports.  The flight to Taveuni will get you their the fastest but the seats are limited and expensive.  If you have the time, we would recommend flying into either Savusavu or Labasa airports.  From Savusavu its just a 1 hour drive to the boat landing, and a quick 15 min boat ride.

From Labasa, it’s a 3-hour journey over the mountains of Vanua Levu to the boat landing.  If you don’t mind a car ride, the views out the window of the countryside are uniquely Fijian.  The bonus of the Labasa flight is that the plane is significantly larger than the Taveuni or Savusavu flights.  The ATR series plane seats around 60 passengers and has plenty of cargo space for all of your luggage and toys.  The Labasa flight is also a good option for travelers on a budget as the return fair is much cheaper than the alternatives.

No matter what route you choose, The staff at the remote resort will help you with a reliable and comfortable taxi transfer to and from the airport.

Ultimate Upgrades

The Remote Island has money saving luxury all-inclusive packages that make the holiday complete.  We choose the Ultimate gourmet and Ultimate experience packages and couldn’t have been happier!  With the ultimate experience, you get access to every activity offered which will save the adventurous family a lot of money!  We understand life on a budget.  However, when it comes to once in a lifetime experiences, like diving with Mantas, the investment is well worth it!

Ultimate Gourmet Upgrades at the Remote Resort

The ultimate gourmet package had us truly spoiled!  The menu changed daily and every meal left us shaking our head in disbelief that we weren’t dreaming!  Our favorite thing to do was take lunch at the villa which worked perfectly while the baby boy slept cozily in his Vesi made crib.

The Remote Resort Room Service

Baby Naps Fiji Family Travel

My favorite thing we ate was a stuffed bell pepper (capsicum) with chickpea couscous and grilled local fish.  Mua! (kiss the fingers delicious) Malia is a bit of a connoisseur of Eggs Benedict and she loved the simple medley of local spinach and tomato.  We can’t forget that fresh dessert was served at every lunch and dinner!  Chocolate coconut bliss balls!?  Creme Brulee! YUM!  Have a look at their menu here and your mouth will be watering before you get here!  Guests can also email the resort prior to arrival to explain any dietary restrictions for a tailor-made cuisine.

Friendly Fijian Staff at The Remote Resort

Family Travel Essentials

Jet Stream Journals Final Thoughts

The Remote Resort is the perfect getaway for the adventurous family who isn’t afraid of a little extra travel.  Sometimes the journey itself is what makes the destination so special.  For us, the remote resort will always stick out in our minds as a dream vacation come true.  You can’t help but feel grateful that Dan and his family saw their dreams through to create such an amazing resort in the remote jungles of Fiji.  We hope this glimpse into our time there will help you decide if the Remote Island Resort is for you and your family.  We know we will be back someday soon!

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A huge Thank You to The Remote Resort for hosting us and giving us such a wonderful experience!  We can’t wait to make our way back!

And we love our family Bula attire from Malia Clothing (no it’s not Malia’s clothing line, it’s just a happy coincidence that they share the same name).  We fought over who got to match Noa in his shirt and ultimately Stuart won the Paper Rock Scissors battle 🙂  These were the perfect resort wear for when we were feeling fancy 🙂

We would love it if you would check out our highlight video from the trip!  You can view that HERE!

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Our Gear

Wondering about some of our gear?  Below are some links to what we use. Disclosure: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links – at no extra cost to you.  And some links are purely that: links to the stuff we use and don’t get a kickback from 🙂

Diaper Bag by Bodomint.  Love this bag!  It’s super cute and functional.  You can change the straps to go between a backpack and messenger style!

Camera Bag to get our gear safely around with us:  Kelly Moore Men’s camera bag.  This is the bag Stuart’s been using for years for all of our photo gigs.  This thing has been to too many weddings to count!

Canon 6D Mark 2

GoPro Hero6

DJI Spark  This thing is tiny and easy to travel with.  It gets the job done getting some cool aerial shots, but we came from using the Phantom 4 Pro so we’re not completely sold on it.  We’d like to get another Phantom or try out the Mavic Pro or the Mavic Air.

We can’t travel without our Ergo 360!  It’s important to be able to have our hands free when traveling so being able to wear Noa is key.  From a very young age, he made it very clear he only wanted to face outwards to see the world 🙂  That means we had to make sure we got a baby carrier that he could face out.